Eating Disorder Treatment in Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Westchester, and Surrounding Areas in Connecticut and New York

Dr. Sala has extensive training eating disorders, including experience at inpatient eating disorder units and a decade-long research career in eating disorders working with leaders in the field of eating disorders. She is the Director of the Mindfulness, Eating Disorders, and Acceptance Lab (MEAL) at Yeshiva University and conducts eating disorder treatment development research (click here to learn more about her lab).

We treat issues relating to (click on each diagnosis for more detail):

1. Emotional-eating/stress-eating

2. Binge eating disorder

3. Bulimia nervosa

4. Anorexia nervosa

5. Orthorexia

6. Night eating syndrome

7. Other specified feeding and eating disorder

8. Compulsive exercise

Dr. Sala treats child and adolescent eating disorders with family based treatment (FBT). Read more about FBT here.

For adolescents who are unable to do FBT and adults, both Drs. Sala and Roos use Dr. Fairburn's Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Treatment to treat eating disorders. We will work with you to implement behavioral strategies including the establishment of a regular pattern of eating, systematic exposure to forbidden foods, create motivation for change, and challenge disturbance in the experience of shape and weigh as well as the tie between personal identity and the illness. We also integrate mindfulness and acceptance techniques to help you regulate emotions and disengage from eating disordered thoughts.  We will also conduct gradual and systematic exposure to feared foods, which ultimately leads to reduction in anxiety and fear about eating these foods.