Serving Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Westchester, and Surrounding Areas in Connecticut and New York


We treat issues relating to emotional-eating/stress-eating, binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and night eating syndrome. We treat eating disorders using Dr. Fairburn's Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Treatment.  We also integrate mindfulness and techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Dr. Sala received training in Family Based Treatment for eating disorders from Stanford University, and utilizes it in her work with children and adolescents with eating disorders. We also work to support the families of those with eating disorders. 


We work with individuals who are experiencing negative consequences of overweight or obesity. We have training in the most current, evidenced-based methods for promoting healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss. Our approach is behavioral, and we also incorporate mindfulness and acceptance-based strategies. We work with individuals pre- and post- bariatric surgery.  We are accepting of people of all weights and sizes in our approach.


Dr. Sala works with couples who are experiencing relationship distress, infidelity, adjustments/transitions, difficulties with emotional/physical intimacy, and difficulties managing intense emotions as well as couples seeking relationship enhancement. She delivers couples therapy from an Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT) lens. She also integrates other techniques, such as Gottman and Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy, as needed.


We specialize in the treatment of insomnia. Our approach is cognitive behavioral and also incorporates mindfulness, and is highly effective.


We work with individual struggling with general anxiety and stress, social anxiety, obsessive and compulsive disorder, specific phobias, panic disorder, and health anxiety. We use exposure therapy, as research has shown that this is by far the most effective approach. We will work with you to systematically increase tolerance to feared situations to ultimately open up new worlds for you. In addition to exposure, we will teach you techniques to manage thoughts that contribute to anxiety.


Our approach to treating depression is cognitive-behavioral and goal-focused. We work with patients to systematically increase activation and helpful behaviors, ultimately to experience greater contact with sources of reward and solve life problems. By far, CBT has the most research evidence to support its efficacy in treating depression. We also incorporate mindfulness-based strategies, which have been found to reduce relapse.


People react to traumatic events in a variety of different ways. For some, exposure to trauma leads to PTSD. We use Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)  to treat PTSD. CPT is a short-term treatment for PTSD that has decades of research support. A recent episode of This American Life is excellent in highlighting the CPT process.


We work with individuals who experience frequent conflict, intense emotions, and anger management. Dr. Sala has extensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and draws from it to help individuals with difficulties with emotion regulation.