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The Sala Psychology Team

Evidence-Based Therapy in Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Westchester, and Surrounding Areas in Connecticut and New York


Dr. Margaret Sala

Founder | Clinical Psychologist 

Dr. Sala is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 9 years of experience researching and practicing. She has published over 50 scientific publications and authored over 40 presentations at scientific conferences. Her therapy approach is warm, relaxed, authentic, goal-oriented, and practical. She follows a collaborative and personalized treatment approach by carefully tailoring evidence-based psychotherapy.

Dr. Corey Roos

Clinical Psychologist 

Dr. Roos is a licensed clinical psychologist in Connecticut offering evidence-based therapy via telehealth. He has published over 50 scientific articles. His therapy approach is flexible, personalized, and compassionate. His role is to provide support for you as a person—this means being empathic, genuine, warm, collaborative, and supportive at all times.



Andrew Gottlieb-Cohen, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Andrew Gottlieb-Cohen is a licensed social worker in Connecticut offering evidence-based psychotherapy via telehealth. He has  dedicated the past decade to the study and practice of effective psychotherapy with a focus on assisting my clients to effect lasting change.

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