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Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia instead of pills

What is CBT-I?

CBT-I is an effective treatment for those suffering with chronic sleep problems. It’s so effective that many doctors and therapists turn to CBT-I as the primary treatment for their patients.

CBT-I is literally the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to the ailment of insomnia.

How does CBT-I work?

CBT-I is a program that helps you overcome your sleep issues through changing your thoughts and behaviors, creating positive long-lasting sleep habits.

The C in CBT … cognitive … speaks to you recognizing your thoughts and beliefs, giving you the opportunity to respond to them.

The B … behavioral part … helps you create positive new sleep habits while avoiding past negative habits.

There are a handful of techniques that your therapist may employ in order to improve your individual situation. They include stimulus control, hygiene and routine, sleep environment, relaxation training, and biofeedback.

Usually, a combination of these techniques will be used.

Why not pills?

Sleep medications can be effective and, of course, the benefit stops as soon as you stop taking them.

But there are many questions that surround taking any medication. What are the long-term risks of taking such medication? What are the side effects? Will you become dependent?

Many studies show that CBT-I is as effective as most sleep medications. And CBT-I helps correct the root cause of your sleep issues, providing long-term relief without side effects.

Who can benefit?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia can benefit nearly anyone with sleep problems … What’s more, the effects seem to last.”

Don’t wait

We all know that good sleep is important. If affects all other parts of your life … family, work, personal. Good sleep is essential to maintain your health, your focus, and your happiness. Reach out to a professional therapist or doctor that specializes in CBT-I and discuss if this is this treatment is right for you.


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