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Managing your attention

Do you ever feel like your mind is all over the place? That you can't focus on what is important to you? We all have a limited amount of mental space. When you aren't intentional on how you manage your mental space, it is easy to become unintentional.

Go through today. What has your mind focused on? What have been some of the things that tried to grab your attention? Was it Instagram, TikTok, your boss, texts from friends, your family, your own worries? Which of these areas do you want to be paying attention to? Which one of these areas do you want to pay less attention to?

If you struggle with a mental health issue, you may notice that a lot of your life is taken up by thoughts related to that. Maybe you have an eating disorder, and 50% of your day is related to what you ate and didn't eat, how much you weigh, calories, dieting. Maybe you struggle with alcohol, and a lot of your day is focused on recovering from a hangover or your next drink.

What is the expense of spending your attention the way that you are? What are some areas of your life that you are NOT giving your attention to? Is it being present with your children? Your friendships? Is it being in your life - seeing things like you may lose your eyesight tomorrow?

If you were purposeful in how you spend your attention, what would you be paying attention to?


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