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  • Margaret Sala

Six questions to ask yourself about your relationship with exercise

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

How do you know if your relationship with exercise is healthy? Here are some questions that you can ask yourself:

1. Are you exercising only because you “should”? If you are tracking how much you are exercising and feel obligated to exercise a certain amount, chances are your relationship with exercise is not healthy. A healthy relationship with exercise does not feel pressured, but feels like caring for your body, like something you want to do instead of something you should do- it feels like a privilege instead of a requirement

2. Does what you eat in a day depend on how much you exercise? If what you eat in a day is contingent on your exercise for that day, chances are your relationship with exercise is not healthy.

3. Does not exercising make you feel uneasy or anxious? If you are in a place where taking a day off makes you feel uneasy, if you feel like if you don’t exercise a certain amount of time you feel anxious… you probably don’t have a healthy relationship with exercise.

5. Do your exercise to manipulate your body size? Are you exercising because you want to feel good and healthy in your body, or because you want to change your body? One helpful way to answer this is whether you would still to do this exercise if it didn't burn any calories or manipulate your body. If you only exercise to change your body, chances are your relationship with exercise is not healthy.

6. How are you feeling? If you are suffering through every workout, chances are that your relationship with exercise is not healthy. Healthy exercise does not leave you low on energy or exhausted.

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