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How Can Couples Therapy Help Couples?

Couples currently enter marriage with over at 50% chance of failure. Although most couples are fairly happy the first few years after marriage, relationship satisfaction rates drop drastically a few years after marriage, with particularly drastic drop in couples satisfaction after the birth of the first child (only recovering after all children leave for college!). Couples counseling can gives couples important skills to face the many challenges of marriage and parenting.

In couples counseling, we will work to: (1) Identify and change toxic relationship patterns; (2) Learn new ways to understand and resolve relationship problems; (3) Improve communication between the couple; (4) Build trust between the couple; and (5) Work through any issues that the couple may be facing. Dr. Sala believes that “loves is an action” and that couples counseling can help you make a new commitment to each other and rebuild the marriage.

Unfortunately, most couples seek therapy too late, as almost a last stop before heading to the divorce lawyer. This is often due to many barriers such as the high cost of therapy and the difficulty of attending in-person couples therapy session. Dr. Sala navigates these barriers by offering teletherapy (also referred to as virtual therapy and online therapy) to allow couples to access counseling from the comfort of their respective homes. She also offers weekend and evening appointments. To help you practice what you learn in therapy at home, Dr. Sala gives homework and integrates apps and online platforms as needed into the counseling sessions. These tools can help couples track progress and practice important relationship skills.

While Dr. Sala mainly utilizes Gottman Method Couple Therapy, she also integrates other techniques, such as EFT, and overall sees herself as an “integrative couples therapist.” Integrative therapy combines multiple approaches and techniques to create a personalized and holistic approach to couples counseling. Every couple is different and may require different types of approaches to achieve their unique goals. By combining therapies, therapists may be able to provide couples with a more comprehensive effective treatment plan.

Sala Psychology is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Specialties include anxiety disorders, depression, and behavioral weight loss issues.


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