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What is depression? Depression is characterized by down, sad or depressed mood and/or loss of pleasure and interest in doing things you normally enjoy. People with depression may find that things that were once enjoyable are no longer enjoyable. They also often experience changes in appetite (either eating much more or less than usual), changes in sleep (sleeping much more or less than usual), changes in motor movements (restlessness or moving very slowly), feeling tired or fatigued, loss of energy, low motivation, difficulty concentrating, and/or feelings of worthlessness. Some people have thoughts of dying and harming themselves.

How do you treat depression? Our approach to treating depression is cognitive-behavioral and goal-focused. We work with patients to systematically increase activation and helpful behaviors, ultimately to experience greater contact with sources of reward and solve life problems. By far, CBT has the most research evidence to support its efficacy in treating depression. We also incorporate mindfulness-based strategies, which have been found to reduce relapse. We will also encourage you to develop an exercise routine, as research has shown that exercising is very beneficial in reducing depression symptoms. 

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