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Terminal Illness Counseling in Greenwich CT

Health Psychology Services in Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Westchester, and Surrounding Areas in Connecticut and New York

How can you help me? A terminal illness is a disease that cannot be cured or treated and is likely to cause death. For example, it can include myotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's disease, and terminal cancer. I work with individuals to navigate the adjustment to receiving a terminal medical condition diagnosis, and processing difficult feelings that they may be experiencing, such as grief, sadness, fear, and regret. Therapy isn’t just for the person with a terminally illness diagnosis, and I also work with people who have someone important to them who is terminally ill.

How do I know if I need to talk to a psychologist?  It is your right to choose if you want to talk through preparing for dying. Some people who have terminal illness find it beneficial to talk with a psychologist to process through the conflicting and varying emotions they are experiencing, discuss end of life decisions, finding meaning and enjoy at the end of life, and finding a sense of closure. 

What treatment approach do you use? We will work with you to process your emotions, discuss fears, work through death anxiety, help you make sense of your life, and find sources of support.

What kind of experience do you have? Dr. Sala has worked with several individuals with terminal illness and completed several medical psychology rotations throughout her training. Please contact her to learn more about her experience.

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