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Is my drinking problematic? Symptoms of a problematic relationship with alcohol include drinking more than planned, spending a lot of time on drinking (e.g., planning to drink, drinking, recovering from drinking), increased alcohol tolerance, craving alcohol, giving up other activities because of drinking, struggling to keep up with responsibilities because of drinking, trouble with family and friends because of drinking, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, getting into risky situations when drinking, health/legal problems due to drinking, and inability to stop drinking.

How can you help me? We use primarily a motivational as well as a mindfulness-based approach, both of which have significant research support. We will work with you help you find your motivations for reducing your drinking. We will also work with you to help explore your relationship with alcohol, figure out why you keep overdrinking, increase awareness of alcohol cravings and triggers, give you strategies to use in the moment when you are craving alcohol, teach you how to regroup after slipping, and help you feel better physically and emotionally.